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Spiral plate heat exchanger
¡¡¡¡This equipment is a highly efficient heat transfer equipment, for gas - gas, gas - liquid, liquid - liquid, as well as for condensation and liquid evaporation. The product has a high heat transfer efficiency, self-cleaning ability dirt, energy saving, small and inexpensive to use and reliable. Is widely used in pharmaceuticals, solvents, chemicals, rosin, dyes, food industry, heat exchange, waste heat recovery.
Structure and Properties£º
¡¡¡¡1.The equipment consists of two roll formed to form two uniform spiral channel, two kinds of heat transfer medium can be the whole counter-current flow, greatly enhances the effect of heat transfer, even a small temperature difference between two kinds of , but also achieve the desired change thermal effects.
¡¡¡¡2.Receiver used in the shell on the tangential structure, partial resistance, due to the curvature of spiral channel is uniform,
Detachable type ¢ñ
Liquid flow in the device there are no major shift, the total resistance is small, and thus can improve the design flow so that a higher heat transfer capability.
¡¡¡¡3.I can not be demolished screw-type plate heat exchanger spiral channel with welded end-seal, which has a high tightness.
4. ¢ò type detachable spiral plate heat exchanger structure, principle and can not be demolished heat exchanger is basically the same, but a channel can open the cleaning, in particular, to adapt to a sticky, there is precipitation of liquid heat exchange.
5. ¢ó detachable spiral plate heat exchanger structure, principle and can not be demolished heat exchanger is basically the same, but the two of them apart clean channel can adapt to a wider scope.
6. Spiral plate heat exchanger according to nominal pressure can be divided into PNO.6, 1.0,1.6,2.5 MPa (mean single-channel can withstand the maximum working pressure). Press material can be divided into carbon steel and stainless steel.
¡¡¡¡7. A single piece of equipment can not meet the requirements, you can use multiple combinations, but the composition must meet the following requirements: parallel combination of series combination of the same equipment and channel spacing. Mixed combination: a channel in parallel, a channel series.

¢ñ type horizontal

¢ó type horizontal I type horizontal
Spiral plate heat exchanger technical parameters
Nominal heat transfer area Channel spacing Carbon Stainless
5m2 6¡ª10 4mm 2¡«3mm
10m2 6¡ª10 4mm 2¡«3mm
20m2 6¡ª14 4mm 2¡«3mm
30m2 10¡ª14 4mm 2¡«3mm
40m2 10¡ª14 4mm 2¡«3mm
50m2 10¡ª14 4mm 2¡«3mm
60m2 14¡ª18 4mm 2¡«3mm
70m2 14¡ª18 4mm 2¡«3mm
80m2 14¡ª18 4mm 2¡«3mm
100m2 14¡ª18 4mm 2¡«3mm
120m2 14¡ª20 4¡«5mm 2¡«4mm
130m2 14¡ª20 4¡«5mm 2¡«4mm
150m2 14¡ª20 4¡«5mm 2¡«4mm
300m2 14¡ª20 4¡«5mm 2¡«4mm

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